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New Needle/stylus Shure Hi Track M91e N91ed N91e M91 M91ed* * 25.51€ Voir Détails. Turntable Stylus Needle Shure N91e, N91ed, M91ed 4761-de . 26.21 ... Microsoft esu
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The current cartridge is a Shure M91ED. We have tried two stylii so far, the original Shure "Hi-Track" (I'm pretty sure the stylus has never been changed and I don't know how many hours it has on it) and a cheap-o Pfanstiehl generic relacement.

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Vintage Shure M81MC & M91E Phono Cartridges w/ Stylus & M95EJ M95ED Packaging. CHF 70,26. CHF 25,76 Versand. Nude Elliptical Needle Stylus for Shure M95 N95ED ...

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Stereo stylus, Pfanstiehl 4761-DE, 761-DE. Replaces: Shure N91E, N92E, N-93E, Radio Shack RS613, RS612, Pfanstiehl 4761-DE Hi Track. Used in: Shure M91, M91E, M92E ...

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Stylus Nadel Tonabnehmer Cartridge Shure M91E. Objectgegevens. Staat van object: Tweedehands

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【☆送料無料☆新品・未使用品☆】turntable stylus for shure n97ed n-97ed shure m97ed m97 n97 n105e 778-de 771-de【並行輸 25,300 円 1 %獲得 ( 253 ポイント )

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39.56 €. NOS replacement stylus for Shure Cartridges M91E, N91E, ED, M92, M93. Not made by Shure, but manufactured in Japan and apparently one of the best NOS styli you can get these days as far as I know. I've played it for all of 3 minutes total, so it's barely used at all. Very warm, natural sound.

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Shure M91E-D12 cartridge/"Dual" TK14 headshell and nos shure N91E stylus & case. New Boxed Walco W-582STD Needle Stylus 500 Series for Shure M91 & M93 cartridges.

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High end shure v15 type iv cartridge with stylus . This is a fantastic setup or can be taken apart and used with your own turntable ... M91E shure high Track ability stereo dynamic cartridge with .0002X .0007 elliptical stylus. Willing to negotiate the price.

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This is a replacement stylus (not original Shure) for the Shure M91E and M93e magnetic cartridges. It has a polished elliptical diamond with a tip radius of .0003 x .0007. Made in Japan. Light green color.

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A Shure ‘Easy Mount’ cartridge clip for mounting M91e, M93e cartridges This is an undamaged used part.

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